Easter Food Prep and Planner

Itinerary: What to do and when

Note: Times are based around the cooking of a 2.5kg whole leg of lamb (done medium - pink in the middle).

We follow the below schedule, which we find works very well for us! Something similar may work for you too. We normally work together but this can also be done by one person.

Easter Saturday

  • 8.45am - Prep Yorkshire Puddings batter, rest in fridge
  • 9.00am - Peel and parboil 500g sprouts, halved. 5 mins (tub in fridge)
  • 9.30am - Peel, chop and boil 150g each of carrots and swede. Mash with butter, set aside to make Clapshot (Carrot and Swede)
  • 10.00am - Peel, chop and boil 1.25kg potatoes, mash with gold top milk/Elmlea. Put 325g aside, mix with swede and carrots to make clapshot (remainder of potato mash in smoky casserole dish in fridge)
  • 10.15am - Oven on 210°C, lard in muffin tin wells x10, in oven to heat
  • 11.00am - Prep trivet veg (1 onion, 2 large carrots, 2 celery - tub in fridge). Bake Yorkshires
  • 11.20am - Yorkshires out of oven, cool, freeze
  • 12.00pm - Prep Butter for lamb (⅓ block butter + ⅓ block lard = soften, mix in salt, pepper and 2 tsp garlic - tub in fridge)
  • 7.00pm - Tub of butter for lamb, on plate, out to soften

Easter Sunday

  • 9.00am - Oven on 180°C Fan/Gas Mark 6. Prep lamb with rosemary sprigs and fat, on trivet (1 onion, 2 large carrots, 2 celery). Plates to warm
  • 9.30am - Lamb in bottom oven. Peel/chop/submerge potatoes for roasting in large pan. Chop carrots and onion for roasting. Set aside
  • 9.50am - Turn oven to 160°C Fan/Gas Mark 4
  • 10.00am - Baste lamb
  • 10.30am - Baste lamb
  • 11.00am - Baste lamb
  • 11.30am - Baste lamb
  • 11.50am - Boil full kettle for roast potatoes and gravy
  • 12.00pm - Lamb out to rest, move oven shelf to middle, turn temp to 180°C. Make Gravy in sauté pan with juices, set fat aside, parboil roast potatoes
  • 12.15pm - Add ½ the fat back to roaster, put back in middle oven
  • 12.30pm - Drain and fluff roast potatoes in seasoned flour
  • 12.45pm - Add fluffed roasties, carrots and onions to roaster
  • 1.35pm - Strain gravy. Transfer required amount to tiny pan. Store the rest in tubs
  • 2.00pm - Warm sauces in microwave, fry sprouts in butter in large frying pan. Warm mashed potatoes in large Pyrex bowl. Warm clapshot in medium Pyrex bowl. Warm peas in small Pyrex bowl. Reheat gravy in tiny pan
  • 2.15pm - Warm Yorkshire puddings in bottom oven
  • 2.25pm - Remove Yorkshires and all roasties from oven
  • 2.30pm - Serve and Eat