Cake Baking Vessels

What you bake your cake in matters!

Pyrex vs Tin

Pyrex heats up slower than metal but gets hotter and holds heat. Also acts as a buffer, slowing down browning at the edges. Reduce oven temp by approx 15°C and/or cook for 10 mins less.

Dark vs Light

Dark tins absorb heat, brown cakes faster and reduce cooking times.

Light tins reflect heat, lessen browning and slightly lengthen cooking times.

Deep vs Shallow

High sides encourage rise. If using a shallow tin, raise the parchment above the sides by an inch or two. The hot air in the oven will move over the top of the “chimney” and draw the cake upwards.


Lessens browning. Harder to get out.


Made by wrapping damp towel in foil and securing around outside of cake tin.

Diffuses heat, increasing time until cake browns. Stops crusty outside forming.