Chocolate Steam Cake

Effort: Medium
Kit: Electric Whisk
Lifespan: 3-5 days
Temp: Fridge
Cook's Fave: Yes

Serves: 12, Calories: 342 



  • 170g natural full fat yogurt (Greek).  204
  • 150g caster sugar.  600
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence.  17
  • 135g butter, melted.  1014
  • 1 egg (optional - yogurt replaces eggs). 75
  • 170g plain flour, sifted.  582
  • 40g natural cocoa powder, sifted.  155
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • ½ tsp fine coffee powder
  • 60ml milk.  30


  • 60g butter, softened.  450
  • 115g icing sugar, sifted.  460
  • 40g Bournville cocoa powder, sifted.  164
  • 75ml double Elmlea.  334
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence.  17


  1. Cake: Grease and line 7" cake tin - must be solid, without removable base.
  2. In stew pot; Boil 1.½" water with large metal cookie cutter (trivet) placed in base.
  3. In large mixing bowl; Whisk yogurt, sugar and vanilla until sugar dissolves.
  4. Mix in butter and egg.
  5. Sift in flour, cocoa, baking powder, bicarb and coffee together. Fold briefly.
  6. Fold in milk until just combined.
  7. Pour into cake tin. Cover and seal with foil.
  8. Place into stew pot, cover with lid, steam over medium heat for 75-80 mins. Top-up water halfway so pot doesn’t boil dry.
  9. Remove from pot and leave to cool completely before turning out, onto plate.
  10. Topping: Whisk butter until fluffy.
  11. Add icing sugar, cocoa, vanilla and cream and whisk to firm peaks.
  12. Spread over top and sides of cake.
  13. Store in fridge upto 5 days.

Calories = 4102

  • 4102 / 12 = 342
  • 4102 / 10 = 410

Description: A moist, bouncy cake with a tender mouth-feel. Its chocolate flavour has a mid-deep roundness, while the frosting is slightly milder with a creamy and fluffy feel.

Flavour Combinations

Chocolate Orange Cake 

  • Cake: Sub cocoa for more flour, swap vanilla for ½ tsp orange essence.
  • Topping: Chocolate ganache as above.

White Mandarin Chocolate Cake

  • Cake: Chocolate cake as above.
  • Topping: Sub cocoa for more icing, swap vanilla for ½ tsp orange essence, decorate with mandarin segments.

Tip: Don't over-fold cake ingredients or cake will be rubbery.

Tip: Seal foil well - moisture from steam will make cake soggy.

Tip: Oven bake instead; 160°C Fan, 40 mins.

Tip: Use buttermilk instead of yogurt. Same moist butteriness but with coarser crumb.

Tip: Make Chocolate Gooey Glossy Ganache topping instead, ⅓ reduction.